Career Curves And Job Quitting !

What I learned from experience and from enviroment there are many factors affecting your career.The internet is full of resources showing what makes you quit a job.The factors vary for person to person and from job to job.Some excellent resources are ,

But there is some thing more and I will focus on it in this article is “learning” and “earning”. Ideally along with other factors if you are earning well and also every day enhances your experience your career curve is going nice.In an acceptable condition one of these factors can be compromised.Like if you are learning well but not earning enough , your learning can give you alot in near future.Other scenario is if you are earning well you can compromise on learning , at times it works well.

career curves

But when it comes to the case where both these factors “LEARNING” and “EARNING” are going down the curve .Only one thing comes to the mind “QUIT YOUR JOB”. Its a natural reaction and needs to be followed rather than ruining your career.


A template engine is a program that separates logic and design . Its basic intent is to make the implementation and maintenance for a software project .There are many template engines facilitating the programmers and encouraging non programmers to come to development .Technically template engines processes template and data provided to an output view .At times template engines do not speed up the work but its up to individuals .

template  engine

template engine

Comparison of different template engines can be found here .