Laravel a Terrible Experience

So much hype created on internet make laravel look cool . And its presence on internet and ease of use caught my eye .But that charisma just ended within few hours . After working on windows and linux , I feel that why windows OS is ignored by development software . Most of the time there is incomplete support for windows OS .

Now Comming to Laravel .Its new ,up to date , supports PHP5+ and strong OOP . But these things come after you have installed it . Laravel documentation needs severe improvement , its incomplete unfriendly and ambiguous . There are multiple methods of installing Laravel neither is completely mentioned on . Any how by googling , it can be installed  .But till then your mind is fuzzed . After installation the next headache is Artisan CLI . For this phase google is too weak to support .

In short why this newbuddy is over hyped¬† with no proper documentation and support .Don’t waste your time on it.