Laravel a Terrible Experience

So much hype created on internet make laravel look cool . And its presence on internet and ease of use caught my eye .But that charisma just ended within few hours . After working on windows and linux , I feel that why windows OS is ignored by development software . Most of the time there is incomplete support for windows OS .

Now Comming to Laravel .Its new ,up to date , supports PHP5+ and strong OOP . But these things come after you have installed it . Laravel documentation needs severe improvement , its incomplete unfriendly and ambiguous . There are multiple methods of installing Laravel neither is completely mentioned on . Any how by googling , it can be installed  .But till then your mind is fuzzed . After installation the next headache is Artisan CLI . For this phase google is too weak to support .

In short why this newbuddy is over hyped  with no proper documentation and support .Don’t waste your time on it.

2 thoughts on “Laravel a Terrible Experience

  1. As a Laravel user, even I can admit that there’s a bit of a hype machine behind it. The documentation is also most definitely lacking, especially when compared to documentation for frameworks such as FuelPHP.

    Still, Laravel is a nice framework to use once you embrace the fact that you’ll spend most of your research time reading through its source code rather than its documentation. There may even be an argument that there are secondary advantages to this, as it forces you to understand what’s going on under the hood so that you can use the framework more effectively/efficiently.

    Regarding Windows: What are you having problems with? Sure, all the hipster programmers use Macs these days, but I myself have been developing Laravel applications on Windows 7 without issue.

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